Brushing your Teeth After Breakfast Or Before?

Brushing your Teeth After Breakfast Or Before?

“A few people I know brush their teeth when they get up and some hold up until after breakfast. Does it truly make a difference when I brush my teeth?”

We as a whole realize we should brush our teeth morning and night. Furthermore, in the event that you need to have the most effect on your oral wellbeing, you should brush your teeth BEFORE eating a supper.

Here are three strong reasons why you should brush your teeth BEFORE breakfast:

1: Bacteria respond with sugars making acids in a split second. Overnight the microbes in your mouth develop into a biofilm on your teeth what’s more, are prepared to take in sugar and produce a corrosive that causes depressions.

2. Salivary levels are least toward the beginning of the day. Your salivation contains calcium particles that help remineralizer your teeth, shielding them from the harm of acids. Brushing your teeth previously breakfast gets the salivary juices streaming, and alongside the fluoride in the toothpaste, secures your teeth against demineralization.

3. Acidic and sweet beverages and nourishments can mollify your lacquer. Corrosive is delivered by the bacterial plaque when the microorganisms expend sugar. This will mellow the veneer on your teeth for 20 minutes after eating. On the off chance that you eliminate the plaque before eating, no corrosive will be delivered. Furthermore the PH level in your mouth is adjusted, making your teeth more defenseless to rot, scraped area and affectability.

The following are three reasons you might not have any desire to brush your teeth BEFORE breakfast:

1. I’ll have food stuck in the middle of my teeth! I suggest that you floss and utilize a Water Pik to eliminate any lingering food particles that might be waiting subsequent to eating a supper.

2. I don’t need the minty taste of the toothpaste wrecking the taste of my espresso or my morning meal! You can brush your teeth with a dry toothbrush, or utilize a toothpaste that doesn’t have sodium lauryl sulfate, which can change taste sensation.

3. I won’t have new breath after breakfast! You can wash with a mouthwash (ideally basic, to re-balance the PH in your mouth). Also, remember to brush your tongue.

Your partner in health,
Dr. Kip Saunders
Periodontist in The Woodlands & Conroe, TX


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