What Is A “Snap-On” Denture?

What Is A “Snap-On” Denture?

Snap-on dentures are a well known concept for individuals attempting to settle on getting another sets of dentures or fixed dental implants. The plan nearly spans the center ground for someone who is stressed over their dentures having a real sense of safety, however has hesitations about seeking more conventional implant treatment.

How Snap-on Dentures Work

A snap-on dental replacement is basically an “overdenture.” It looks totally indistinguishable from a traditional dental replacement. Yet, assuming you turn it over, there are extraordinary finders under the plate that will snap or clasp onto a corresponding dental implant.

Ordinarily, a snap-on dental replacement needs at least two implants or up to four to keep it set up. Whenever you compress down onto the prosthesis, it slips into a cut position onto the implant projections. There’s no requirement for muddled cements or glues, the implants hold the dental replacement back from shaking or moving over the course of the day.

Snap-on Dentures versus Fixed Implants

What a many individuals don’t understand is that snap-on overdentures still feel bigger and cumbersome within their mouths. The “plate” covers their sense of taste, which actually slows down regular exercises like eating and talking. In any case, it’s a major improvement from having a dental replacement that is continuously shaking or getting awkward.

Nonetheless, overdentures fail to measure up to cross breed, fixed implant options. Whenever you choose to forever reestablish your curve of teeth utilizing something like TeethXpress or an “All-on-4” concept, you get a completely new grin that doesn’t cut all through place.

With a proper half and half apparatus, your new arrangement of teeth is:

  • Non-removable
  • Contoured to the state of your mouth
  • Simple to eat and talk with
  • Better for your bone help
  • More normal looking

The everyday contrasts between overdenture and fixed implants is highly contrasting. With a snap-on dental replacement, you’re actually eliminating your “teeth” around evening time and cleaning them regularly each time you eat. On the other hand, TeethXpress will permit you to brush, floss, and hit the sack. There’s no additional gamble of humiliating minutes around friends and family.

Choosing a decent implant configuration permits you to approach your everyday exercises with next to no significant changes (or extraordinary considerations, like changes to your eating routine.)

The Woodlands Implant and Denture Consultations

As one of The Woodland’s most capable implant subject matter experts, Dr. Kip Saunders knows the stuff to convey a grin that addresses your issues and expectations. While you’re attempting to settle on a snap-on dental replacement and fixed mixture implants, the last option commonly offers the best outcomes. In any case, we truly do execute overdentures for situations connected with the transition between implant position and last restoration.

In the event that you’re in the beginning phases of choosing how to supplant your missing teeth, we urge you to save a consultation with our dental implants in The Woodlands. We’ll walk you through the advantages and disadvantages of the different options accessible with the goal that you feel confident when it comes time to make the following strides.

Contact our implant dental specialist today to hold an arrangement.


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