What Exactly Is Crown Lengthening Surgery Anyway?

What Exactly Is Crown Lengthening Surgery Anyway?

“My crown continues to fall off and my dental specialist is demanding that I have a crown stretching a medical procedure before he puts on another crown. What precisely is that?”

The most well-known justification behind you to allude to a periodontist for a crown extending strategy is so your dental specialist can put a more steady crown on a tooth that needs more tallness. Crown extending is a surgery that uncovered a greater amount of the tooth so the new crown fits better, keeps going longer, and is more steady. On the off chance that your dental specialist was to just power the edges of the crown under the gum tissue, it could cause a condition known as biologic impingement, setting you up for ongoing agony, aggravation of the gum tissue, and conceivable bone misfortune.

Another explanation that a crown stretching methodology might be vital is uncovered rot that has obliterated tooth structure under the gumline. After your periodontist has carefully re-shaped the basic bone and once again situated the gum tissue to totally uncover the rot, your dental specialist can put a filling or crown that appropriately reestablishes the tooth.

In the event that you have a “sticky” grin, or you feel as though your teeth look “excessively short,” you might feel reluctant when you talk or grin. A crown stretching strategy will upgrade your appearance by uncovering the pieces of your teeth that should show. Overabundance bone and gum tissue, which are covering a greater amount of the teeth than needed, are ably taken out. The periodontist is a craftsman who is a seasoned veteran of giving you a relative, even gumline. It is the most regular way to a delightful grin, frequently without the requirement for facade or crowns! What can you expect after your crown lengthening surgery?

  • You can expect gentle to direct uneasiness which is controlled with the non-steroidal enemy of inflammatories, similar to Aleve or Advil.
  • We send you home with a re-freezable gel pack in a delicate sleeve that you should use for the initial eight hours to limit expansion and uneasiness.
  • You will eat cool, delicate food varieties like frozen yogurt and yogurt for the initial 24 hours, and afterward delicate food sources of any temperature during the fourteen-day recuperating period.
  • During the mending stage, you might see expanded affectability to cold. This typically dies down following half a month.
  • Ordinarily, at the fourteen-day follow-up arrangement, you are delivered to have your new crown put, whenever demonstrated, and encouraged to continue ordinary brushing, flossing, and eating.

In the event that your dental specialist has suggested a crown protracting technique or you have a “sticky” grin, kindly call the workplace for an interview.

Your accomplice in wellbeing,

Dr. Kip Saunders, Periodontist in The Woodlands Expert in Crown Lengthening in The Woodlands and Houston, TX.


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