Are You Flossing The Right Way?

Are You Flossing The Right Way?

To keep your mouth healthy and clean, flossing has surfaced as one of the most useful ways. There is no better alternative than flossing to keep your oral hygiene sound. The oral bacteria tend to collect in abundance between your gums and teeth. Meaning, it won’t take much time for the bacteria plaque to get collected in the sulcus area. Many times, the collected bacteria also becomes the reason behind inflammation, bleeding, tissue detachment, and bone loss. And these reasons primarily result in an increased amount of cases of gum disease.

Although flossing is known as one of the most talked-about oral health essentials for daily use but making it a regular exercise can be a task for a lot of people. Therefore, to help you get relief from the daily obligation of flossing, cosmetic dentists in The Woodlands have become one of the leading alternatives today making it easy for everyone to have healthy oral health without much hassle.

Hydro Flosser: The Next Best Thing For Oral Health

Your gum pockets many times can become difficult to reach, making it challenging to keep your teeth and gum clean and healthy. Hence, using a hydro flosser has also turned out to be an excellent choice in recent times. Where traditional flosses fail to reach, hydro flossers are known to efficiently reach beyond the tissues.

Therefore, to flush out bacteria and loose biofilm out of the pockets, water flosser (such as the famous WaterPik brand) is one of the most prominent ways to keep your gum clean.

After an ample duration of using it, the water flosser becomes an effective way of keeping your oral hygiene intact. Moreover, you can even refrain from indulging in a mess by mounting your water flosser in the shower. Furthermore, water flossers are also known as a hygienic way to be shared between a family and interchangeable, if necessary.

Using A Floss Holder

Floss holders can be a better option to keep your oral health intact. Also known as floss handle, floss holders have gained a huge appreciation for its feature to reach the far ends beyond your gums. Floss holders are known for their feature of enabling you to wrap your own strand around it and floss.

Along with this, floss holders are neither in straight form nor rigid structure. They are flexible, easy to use, and also slide easily between the teeth. Another outstanding feature of the floss holder is that they are also available with pre-loaded curved extension with floss.

Ready To Super Floss?

Another type of floss in demand is super floss. The floss contains stiff ends with a clumped middle thread textured like a piece of yarn. These super threads are remarkably easy to pull through the other side of the teeth. Whereas traditional floss threaders would limitedly floss around the dental implants as well as the bridges, making it hard to floss in between the teeth and gum.

Therefore, super flosses are made with comparatively larger width so as to make them easy to pull out debris from areas where food or plaque gets collected.

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